98 Fanziify-Religiorz recommended

and Reputation, Health and Contentment, which make no Enemies, and attract many Friends; it is, with re- fpeét to the Eternal World, the greatel’: Cruelty to your Children thus to negletft giving them thofe Advantages, which no other Care: in Edutation itfilf exclufive Of their: can offord: And it is irnpoflible, you lhould ever be able to give them any other Equivalent. If you do your Duty in this refpeél, they will have Reafon to blefs you living and dying; and if you neglect-it, take care that you and they come not, in Confequence of that Neglect, into a World, where (horrid as the Thought may now fcem,) you will for ever be curfing each other. And thus I am fallen infeniibly, becaufe fo naturally, from what I was fraying of the Concern and lnterefi of thofes under your Care, to your own, f0 far as it may be difiinguifhed from theirs.

Let me therefore prefs you to confider, how much your oswn lntenfi is concerned in the Matter; the whole of your Interelt, both Spiritual, and Temporal.

Your Spiritual Interq/i is infinitely the greateit, and therefore I will begin with that. And here let me fe- rioufly aik you, do you not need thofe Advantages for Religion, which the Performance of Family-Duty will give you, added to thofe of a more fecret and a more publick Nature, if peradventure they are regarded by you? Thefe Inftruftions, thefe Adorations, thefe Con- feiiions, thefe Supplications, thefe lnterceflions, thefe Thankfgivings, which may be f0 ufeful to your Chil- dren and Servants, may they not be ufeful to yourfelves ? IWay not your own Hearts have fome peculiar Advan- tage for being irnprelfed, when you are the Mouth of others in thefe Domeftick Devotions, beyond what in a private Station of Life it is otherwile poflible you ihould have? Oh thefe Leffons of Religion to your own Souls, every Morning and Evening, might be (if I may be allowed the Exprefliom) either the Seed, or F oretafie, of Salvation to you. Nay, the remoter Influence they may have on your Condor}, in other Refpeéits, and at

other Times, when confidered merely in the general as’

Religious Exercifes performed by you in your Family, is‘ to be recollefted as an Argument of vafi Importance.