to be unfalded hereafter. 8 3

4.. It may be the Defign of fuch a Providence as / this, to quicken u: all in our Work, and efpecially bisjur- wiruing Bretbren.

Had it been the Dent/z of a Stranger in fuch Circum- fiances, it might have guielened u: : To fee a young Per- fin taken thus away; going to Bed at Night tolerably well, (for that was the Cafe, though with fome Com- plaint, yet in no fuch immediate Danger as fhould give any peculiar Alarrn,) and then found in his Bed the next Morning fjlftcbltfi and feqfiilfycfi 311d wil- tin uing mzifbout Perception, and in a great IVIeafure u-itb- out .7'~..70ti0i1, till he expired. 1 repeat thefe Circum- fiances again, that young inattentive Minds may be

_ flruck with them. But it is particularhlflriéiizg, when we confider it is one, whom we/b iirflelrale/y bur-w ; one, with whom 1'0 many of us have been converfing and praying nine/f e-z-e-ry Day for many Years, as well as worlhipping emery Sudden/J, and communicating e-very Satrameizt-Dfl)’. May we all hear that Voice, which cries, Be ye age ready * ! Efpecially, may =we attend to it, who are forming for, o: engaged in 1/16 Mintf/ieriezlWar-é !

My dear Brethren, and much beloved Charge, fzejer the Word of Exbortariezz. You knew ti: amine/e and excellent Teurb in a moll intimate Manner: Let me briefly recommend to you eke many T/Jingr, which you faw exemflaey in lainz: His Comlancy and Reverence in attending Divine iVorlhip, both in publick and pri- vate; His Diligence in Buiineis: ; His Szeadi- nefs and Regularity in Conduct ; His prudent and honourable Care to avoid filly and extravagant Expences;

His Solicitude to take every Orportunity ofirn- proving in every Branch of Learning, that was taught where he attended; efpecially what related moi’: directly to his Sacred Profefiion; His unwearied Applica- tion to the Study of the Scripture, and continued Vfatch- fulnefs for every Opportunity of imprOving it ; And above all, his Zeal for the Glory of Goo, and for the Gofpel of Cmusr, and its glorious and peculiarly dif- tinguiihing Truths. I heartily wifh eezcb qfyou, who are to appear under fuch a Puéliek C/zezrafier, the like ]udg- ment and solidity in your Compofitions, the like

D 6 grave,

f Matnxxiv. 44..