9 6 FannZy-Relzgion recommended

Family Worfhip is a molt proper Way of "teaching Children Religion, as you teach them Language, by in- fenfible Degrees; a little one Day and a little another ; for to them Lin: nzufi le upn Line, and Pretejt upon Precept. They may learn to conceive ari ht of the Divine Perfec- tions, when they hear you dagily acknowledging and adoring them : Their Hearts may be early touched with pious Remorfe {er Sin, when they hear your Confef- fions poured out before Goo: They will know what Mercies they are to aik for thernfelws, by obferving what Turn your Petitions take: Your Interceflions may dif- fufe into their Minds a Spirit of Love to Mankind, a Concern for the lntereft of the Church, and of their Country; and, what is not I think by any Means to be neglected, Sentiments of Loyalty towards our Sovereign and his Family, when they hear you daily invoking the Divine Blefiing upon them: And your folemn Thankf- givings for the Bounties of Providence, and for Benefits of a Spiritual Nature, may afieét their Hearts with thofe gracious Imprefions tow ards the gracious Author of all, which may excite in their little Brealis Love to him, the moft noble and genuine Principle of all true and accep- table Religion. Thus they may become Chrifiians by infenfible De rees, and row in the Knowled e and Lore of the Tgruth, as thegy do in Stature. g

By obferving your reverent and folemn Deportment, (as reverent and folemn I hope it will always at {uch Sea- fons be,) they may get fome Notion of an invifible Be- ing, before they are ofAge to underfland the Definition of the Term G O D ; and may feel their Pvlinds fecretly imprefied with an hum le Awe and Yeneration, before they can explain to you their Senfe ofit. And whatever Iniiruclions you give them concerning his Nature and his “fill, and the Vfay of obtaining his Favour by Jefus ChriPt, all your Admonitions relating to the Importance of that invifible World we are going to, and the nccef- fary Preparation for it, will be greatly illufirated by the Tenor ofycur daily Devotions, as well as by thofe ex- cellent Lefions which the Word of Goo, when folernn- 1y read to them Morning anti Eitening, will afford. Nor is it by any Means to be forgotten, that while they hear theinfelves, and their own Concerns, mentioned before

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