in the Conelufion of tbe late PVar. r61

Almighty, that thofe Prayer: for their Safety, which we had f0 much Reafon to unite with thofe for our own, have appeared to conze up in Remembrance before G O D ; f0 that they are indeed a: a Brand plucked out qf tbe Burning '. Prazfe weaitetb fir Tbee, OZ: G0 D, in 0m’ Sion, on all thefe Accounts ; and zmta Tlvee may our Vwwr 5e perforate! ‘l’ ! the Vows, which we made etc/zen we were in Trouble and Perplexity, and Iffted up our Eye: unto“ Tlvee, from qubom our Help cometb, even to the Goo that aside Hearvm and Eartb But amidfi all the joy which thefe Reflections may afford,

II. Let us humble ourfelves in the Review of thofe Rebukes of Providence, which we experienced during the Series of the late War.

I quefiion, whether f/Iadern H§Eery§ can produce an Infiance, in which a War has been entered into with more towering Hopes, with more anticipated Triumph, than that which we proclaimed againfi Spain; and pro- bably, the wifeit Men amongfl us thought that Confi- dence no very good Omen of our Succefs. We feemed to think, we had nothing to do but to gird en our ‘Terran, and make the Earth tremble. As if, according to the beautiful Manner in which Z/aiab defcribes the Pride 0F the Aflrian, we might at pleafure go to the Nations that hadofFended us, as fecurely and irrefiflibly as to the Nefi of fome little infignificant Bird, and gather their Ritlvu, a: one gatberetb E gg: tbat are leg/t, and tbere flora/r! 5e none ta man/e the lVing, or ta ape-n the Zllautb, or to peep But the Event proved very ciitFerem : We found, there was fuch a thing as Military Prudence, and Strength, and Bravery among our Enemies, as well as among our- felves: And after all the vain Parade with which we fet out, we returned, in repeated Inflances, difappoint-

ed and afharned; f0 as to have evident Reafon, after fuch

* Amos iv. I1. -|~ Pfal. lxv. I. I Pfal. cxxi. r, 2. § I fay Madern Hifiary; as I muft aliow the triumphant Confidence with which the Al-‘benian: Tent out their Navy and Troops to the un- fortunate Sicilian War againit Sjracu/e, where they were f0 deplo- "My defiroyed, t0 be an ever memorable Exception, and f0 far as I can recoliefl, an Event unparallefd in its Kind. See Tbztgrl. Pig: 4-3o,--43z. Died. Sic. Lib. xiii. 8c Rail. Hifi. Ant. L. viii. C. S. 1| Ila. x. 1a,.