to the Mafier of a Family. :09

grace and corrupt, and leaving him to praélife thofe Ir- regularities and Scandals which always go along with {uch a prefumptuous Contempt of Religion, any where elfe rather than under your own Roof.

I can think of but one Objection more, and that is,

6. That you may not know lw-"u; to izztraduce a Practice which you have f0 long neglecited.”

But this is an Objeétion (o very foon removed, that I hope, if nothing elfe lie in the Way, your Family will not continue another Week in the unhappy Circum- ftances in which your Negligence has hitherto kept it. I were unworthy the Name of a lVlinifier of the Gofpel, if, whatever my other Engagements are, I were not willing to give you my utmoll: Affillance, as foon as pof- fible, in f0 good a \Vork as the Reformation of this great and lamentable Evil. Far from thinking it a. Trouble to vifit you, and {pend an Hour with -you upon fuch an Occafion; who would not elleem it a Refreih- merit, and a Blefling, to come and inform your Do- meflicks, when gathered together for this Purpofe, how wife and happy a Refolution you had taken, to repre- fent the Reafon they have to rejoice in it, and to blefs Goo who had infpired you with it? And how fweet ‘a Work would it be to perform it, as for the firfl: Time,

- imploring the Bleflings of Providence and Grace on

you and yours, and intreating thofe Afliitances of his Holy Spirit, which may qualify you more abundantly for difcharging your peculiar Part in it, and may render it the fuccefsful Means of planting, or of fupporting and animating, a Principle of true Religion in every Soul under your Care? Nor would the joy and Delight be confined, to the Minutes {pent with you at fuch a Seafon : It would be carried Home to the Study, and to the Houfeof Gon: And the very Re- membrance ofit would for Years to come, encourage to other Attempts of Ufefulnefs, and ftrengthen our Hands in the Work of the L o R o.

And Oh my dear Friend, whoever you are, be not afhamed, that a Minifter ihould on this Occafion tell your Children and Servants, that you are fenfible of your former-Negletfi, and are determined in the Strength ofGon to praélife a Duty,’ which it has indeed been