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0U may eafily apprehend, that the ma~ p ny Interruptions to which peribnai Vifits a p are liable, make it difliculefor IhiIBIiIIGTS to find a convenient Time, 1n which they

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‘A ‘T45’ may apply themfelves fuztably and largely

to thofe committed to their Care; or at leafi, if they refolve to do it, will neceilarily make their Progreiis thro’ large Congregations very flow. I there- fore take this Method of viiiting you nubile a/me, and of acldrefling you on the very important Subject of Famzfy- Religiau. For your own Sake, and the Sake of thofc dearefi to you, l intreat you to give me a calm atten- tive Hearing. And I would particularly defire, that ifit be by any Means practicable, (as with a little Contrivance and Refolution I hope it may,) you would fecure one Hour on the Morning of the Lord’s-Day after you rc- ceive it, not merely to run over this Letter in a cur- fory Manner, but deliberately to weigh and confider it, and to come to fome Determination, as in the Sight of Goo, that jau ‘u-i/l, or that yau =will not, comply with the Petition which it brings; if I may not rather fay, with the Demand which in bi: Name it makes upon you. As I purpofe to deliver it to every Mafier of a Family under my ftated Care, or to every Miflzrefs where there is no Mailer, (that no Offence of any Kind may be taken, which it is in my Power to prevent,) I know it

. willcome to many, who have long been exemplary for their Diligence and Zeal in the Duties I am recom-

mending ;

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