168 Rqqeflianr on Divine Providence

would wonder any fhould oppofe it, who have not fome unnatural Antipathy to Liberty and Profperity, or whole defperate Circumfiances and Charaéters do not apparently give them an Interefi in the Confuiion of the Publick. In Religious AfFairs, mifiaken Principles confcientioufly admitted and retained may create mu-

tualDifliculties, which may embarrafs the molt faith- I

ful and affefiionate Counfellor: qf Peace; not to fay, how far Secular Intereil may, in fome Cafes, increafe the Embarraffment. But let us humbly look up to that univerfally acknowledged, but alas almolt as uni-

verfally neglected, Head if the Church, to whofe all- healing Energy no Evils are incurable; that he may

difFufe thofe gentle but powerful Influences of the

Spirit if Lowe, which may eiieéluallyipreirent our reviling or fufpefting, our judging and defpifing each other. As for Ur, while under an unwilling Ncceflity of con- tinuing feparate from our Brethren, may we ufe thank- ful, peaceful, and unenvied, the Liberty which the Laws of Goo and Man allow l and may growing Ex- perience more fully teach Prazgiant: of every Denomi- nation, hmw gaod and plug/ant it i: for Brethren, tho‘ perhaps in different Habits and Afllemblies, to dwell ta- gether in Unix," * ; how much Beauty, and Pleafure, and Strength, are added to the Community, when it is cemented by fuch Bonds! Which leads me to a yet more extenfive Reflection,

VI. Let what has paflied, teach us to conduct our- felves, and all under our Influence, by fuch Rules of Prudence and Virtue, as may have a natural Tendency to increafe our national Strength.

I would not cloud the Fefiivity of a Day, like this, by any thing which might appear an inaufpicious Infi- nuation as to the Peace f0 lately eilabliihedl May it be as lafting, as it is welcome to any who are con- cerned in it; and may Providence give our Children’: Children to rejoice in its happy Confequences ! But we know, that all Human Aiiairs are uncertain; and it cannot eafily be forgotten, that the Peace with Frame towards the End of King Willianfs Reign, and that

with *1‘ Pfal. txxxiii. I.