ti: be unfolded hereafter. 77

My Canflitution has been murb impaired," may’ an- other fay, I have paifed fi/itarj Sabbaebs, 1 have known a great deal of Pain and Langley/sing: But it has taught me t0 fiebzzit ta m)" Father's PVi/l; it has direfled my Eyes to 1.5a: l/fibi-M, where t/ae Zn/aabirarir: flail not/b)’, I am fic/é *, and where l {hall be fia-edm a Pillar in I/Je ‘Temp/e ofm] GUD T.”

l would not have been qiaif/Jozet Afiiciianr,” may they all {ay ; nor without this and that particular dfizl-Zisn," may each perhaps reply, upon any Terms. lino-us, "‘ O Lora’, tbat i/gy judgments are right, and tbal r5101: in FaitLfu/rze/i bu]? aflzfied me Thou hail bumi-led ma, thou halt taught me Io know ec/mt qua: in my Heart Si; and I know by my Arllictons, more than Profperity might have taught me, of the L-a-ve that is in 03km: Heart to me." But then,

2. We may expe-it t0 kilo-w trifle Reg/airs 0F CHRHTY: Diipenfations in 727/112)? ct/ser 1':_-/2.ar.ie.-", when we {hail come into the Fufure War/a’. In rift‘ Li_g_h/_/.’Zni/-zte° also Ligbty- Andl doubt not, but in the Heavenly State many Circumiiazices will concur :0 give us a much better ‘acquaintance with the liethcds of tize Divine Dealings, than it is poihble for us to attain upon Earth :--—Our Eye will be firengthened; Pro/pee? will beextended; cur Canzfargy will be im- proved; and our Lord may perhaps give us pt/aider Leflon: by immediate Difcovery from himielf.

In Heaven, t/ae Eye of the Soul will be flrengréenen’, and our Faculties raifed to unutterable Degrees. All Indalence will be done away, and we {hall be awakened into everlafiing Attention. All Prejudiee: will ,be quite removed; and we {hall be willing to admit ‘Trial: in all its Lufire, and to follow it wherever it may lead us. a

Our Prg/iaee? there will be enlarged, and we {hall hav much more extenfive Views cfThings: For we {hall fee the Conduél: of CHRIST, in its Influence upon Scenes, that lie at prefent quite out of our Sight. \Ve fee Cnnisfs Adminiltrations now, as they regard this Earth alone; but then we {nail {ee them, as they re-

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