in the Coizrlufioiz of the late PVar. r69

with Spain towards the End of Qmeen Amris, did nei‘ ther of them continue Seven Years. It is however evi- dent, that nothing will tend more to perpetuate this Pacification, than our being fo provided againlt a contrary Event, that none of our Neighbours may find it their Interell, if by a fatal Relapfe it fhould be their Inclination, to dillurb us.

There are natural and political Precautions to be taken for this Purpofe; which will undoubtedly be the Care of our Governors, and concerning the Particulars of which none but they who have the Management of publick AfFairs can competently judge: But there are others, and thofe on the whole not lefs important, which are of fuch a Nature, as well becomes the Teachers of Religion to recommend and enforce; I mean, the cul- tivating thofe Moral Difpofitions, without which we may venture to fay, that none other can have a fut?- ficient Efiicacy for the general Safety.

And here no Thought more readily occurs, than the Neceflity of endeavouring to curb that Talte for Luxury and pleafurable Expence, which has done fo much to enervate, difgrace, and impoveriih us. One would imagine, that the Degree to which gur Finances mutt neceflarily have been exhaufied during f0 long and ex- penlive a War, lhould enforce a prudent Frugality on all who have any Regard for the publick Good. But inllead of this, were we to judge from the glaring Objefts which every where firike us, a confiderate Man would be tempted to fufpeél, that the whole Na- tion, ifit acted on any Scheme at all, was fallen into the unhappy Artifice whereby fo many particular Perlons have been undone; I mean, that of fancyinga Credit may be eltablilhed among their Neighbours, by making a gay Figure, when there is leafi to fupport it. True Prudence would certainly teach us, to endeavour to retrieve our Affairs, while there is a Poflibility ofdoing it, by impoting on ourfelves thofe Sumptuarj Laccr, (if I may be allowed the Expreliiom) which the Indulgence of our Superiors {pares us ;, that a vain Parade, and an exceflive Delicacy in t.»e Articles of Food and Drei}, of Furniture and Equipage, may not melt down our Spirits, and increafe our Neceflities 5 and £0 make us

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