in the Conelufian of the late War. 16 g

Felves terrible to the Liberties of Europe. On the whole, juit as our Caufe, and upright and ftrenuous as our Meafures were, it appears to have been the Scheme of Providence, to fave Great-Britain from linking into Ruin, rather than to exalt it: And we have much greater Rea- fon to wonder, when we confider our Circumfiances in- Comparifon with our Characters, that Ruin was averted, ‘than that f0 few memorable Advantages were gained, i or fome feniible Inconveniencies incurred. In thefer lViews, i III. Let us acknowledge the Divine Interpofition, which facilitated f0 equitable aPeace as that which we this Day celebrate.

I {hall not enter into any large Difeourfe on the Bleflings of Peace in general; fince, how proper fo- ever it may be to recolle€t them at prefent, the Subject is trite, and many of the molt tnatenal‘ Thoughts wh-ch might illufirate it, fufliciently obvious. But I would‘ hint at fome Things, which are peculiar to the prefent- i Occafion. I am perfuaded‘, tlifi-ant Poflerity will wonder, ' that f0 equitable a Treaty lhouldi talie Place, when they i confider a Variety of attending Circumflances, and com- pare them with the great Rapidity and Extent of the Frencb Conquefis, and the evident Superiority with l which they threatened tbe Low Countries, and by a ne- celfary Confequence Britain itfelf, and all itsAllies. To fuppofe this to have been owing to fome fudden Change in the Spirits of Men, moderating their Ambitious Views, and alTwaging their Thirfi of Plunder and of Empire, would increafe rather than abate the Wonder; and there are Incidents by which, on very difierent Principles, the Change of Meafures may be accounted for ; but they are fuch as fiill leave Room to fay, efpecially when compared with each other, that it i: tbe LORD’: doing, and marexel/eu: in cur Eye: ‘t.

In this View we {hall naturally think of our late Suceeflé: at Sea, in the firfl place; whereby the Defigns of hofiile Powers were rendered abortive, and thofe

and *‘ Pfal. cxvdli. 23.

Naval Preparations which were intended to ruin our (Iolonies, were led Home in Triumph to our own Shores ,.