' many other Things, which you know to be of’ much lefs

-_ Importance, that you conclude your Buiinefs mull fuc-

elernnly to feek it together i Let me rather admoniih you, _ that the greater your Bufinefs is, the more need you have ,

, ries, beyond which a wife and faithful Care cannot ex-

104 Family-Religion recommended

whole Nation, in the whole World, methinks it 0mm . inflzigate you to the Prafilice, rather than tempt you‘ to the Neglect, and you fhould prefs on as ambitious of the Glory of leading t/ae U/r) : For what could be a noblér Object ofAmbition, than to be pointed out by the blef- fed Goo himfelf, as 70b was ; ofwhom he (aid, with 'a Kind of Triumph, Hafl lieu carn/idartd 05y Servant 10b, that t/Jere i: mm: lite bin: in t/Je Lam’, or even on tbe ' Earth ' ? But blefied be G01), this fuppofed unimeffezl hirg/n‘? is far from being the Cafe. Let it however re- joice us, if Goo may fay, There are fuch and fuch Families, diiiinguilhable from thofe in the Neighbour- hood on this Account; as prevalent as the Neglect of . Famitj-Prtgmr is, they have the Refolution t_o praélife it, and, like my Servant Daniel, fear not the Reproach- and Contempt which profane and ungodly Men may call upon them, if they may but honour me and en- gage my Favour: 1 knew rbem; I Zwzréefz and bear, and a Boo/i: of Remenzlrranre i: Qvritterz before me for their: i t/mfffar me, and think an my Name 1'.” N01‘ fhould you ‘urge, '

3. That you have jb nzucl: Bu/inefi 9f anal/Fer Kind, f‘ as not to be able to attend to this.” . .

I might cut this Objeéhon ihort at once, by applying to your Confcience, whether you have not Time for

Importance. How many Hours in a Week’ do you find for Amufement, xvhile you havenone for Devotion in your Family P And do you indeed ‘hold the Blefiing of Goo f0 very cheap, and think it a Matter of f0 little

ceed the worfe, if a few Pvlinutes were daily taken fo-

to pray earnefily, that your Hearts may not be ingroiied by it. And I would beg Leave f-Jrther to remind you, r that if your Hurry of Bufinefs were indeed f0 great ias the Objection fuppofes, (which I believe is feldom the Ca{e,) Prudence alone might fuggefi, that you fhould endeavour to contraft it. For there are certain Bounda-

ICRd ; * job i, S, ' f Mal. iii. 16.