‘and being brought under the Power of it.

94- Family-Religion recommehded

the Obligations which bind you in Confcience to the Practice of it, will farther appear, if you confider,

The many Advantages, which will, by the Divine Blefling, attend a proper Difcharge of it. And here, I would more particularly reprefent the good Influence, which Family Devotions are likely to have,—upon the young Perfons committed to your Carer-upon your own Hearts,—and upon the Advancement of a general Re- formation, and the Propagation of Religion to thofe that are yet unborn.

Confider in the firll Place, what is mofi obvious, the happy Influence which the Duty I am recommending might have upon the young Members of your Family, the Cbildren and Servant: committed to your Care. For I now confider you, as a Parent, and a Mailer. ‘Tb: Fatber of a Family is a Phrafe, that comprehends both thefe Relations; and with great Propriety, as Humanity obliges us to endeavour to take a parental Care of all under our Roof. And indeed,

You ought to confider your Ser-‘valzts, in this View, with a tender Regard. They are probably in the Flower of Life, for that is the Age which is commonly fpentin Service ; and you lhould recollect how poflible it is, that this may be, if rightly improved, the belt Opportunity their whole Life may aFord them for learning Religion, If your Ser- vants are already infiruéted in it, by being brought up in Families where thefe Duties have been maintained ; let them not, ifthey fhould finally mifcarry, have Caufe to impure it to you, and to teliify before Goo in the Day of their Condemnation, that it was under your Roof that they learnt the Neglect and Forgetfulnefs of Goo, and of all that their pious Parents, perhaps in a much inferior Station of Life to you, had in ear- lier Days been attempting to teach them; to teach them, in Moments taken from Labour, or from Re- pofe alznoit neceiTary' for their Sublillence.” On the other hand, if they come to you quite ignorant of Re- ligion, (as if they come from prayerlefs Families, it is very probable that they do,) have Compafiion upon them, I entreat you, and endeavour to give them thofe Advan-


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