5t. Augustiifs Confessions xlix Study of Greek among the Christians l Homer and Virgil 1i African pronunciation of Latin lii Charlemagnds reformation Value of the Monks liv Studies of the Arabs and Moors ... 1v Damascus, Bagdad, and Cairo lvii Studies in Europe during the middle ages lviii Cosmo de‘ Medici i lix Education in Italy lxi Commencement of modern education lxii (‘onclusion ' lxiii Dedication to Mr. Clarke 3 Definition of happiness 7 Platds idea of education 8 Management of infancy 9 Anecdote of a Scythian 10 Maltese and Arab children 11 Cause of headaches l2 Leaky shoes l3 Cold baths l5 Miraculous wells 16 Swimming-Anecdote of Dr. Franklin 18 Spartan laws against getting fat 20 Checking perspiration 21 Clothes—strait lacing—Female beauty 23 Small feet of the Chinese—Diet 24 French cookery 25 Meals of the ancients . 27 Dining at sunset~Eastern custom 28 Meals of children . 29 Fruit 32 Houn of sleep and exercise 35 Waking children-Anecdote of Montaigne 37

Medicining of children 38

Education, the root of manners and abilities 44

Anecdote ofPlato 46

lll effects of indulgence 47

Encouragement to vanity . 49

Love oftruth 50

Indulgence of appetite . 52

Conduct of a father towards his son 55

Theory of punishment 57

Difficulties of the subject 62

Notion of the ancients—-of Montaigne -