Oh, she’s always talking to me about Grandad—what a gallant colonel he was in the Revolution, and all that. The old fellow does appear half respectable, done in oils, doesn’t he?

The door opened behind them and they turned to see Leighton Warwick coming out with Dorothy Dunsmuir. Oh, Kitty,” she cried, hurrying up, I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Leighton stood aside and gazed away. Sidney, too, glanced in an opposite direction. Lavery’s violin could be heard, fortunately, giving a chord. The next one-step was about to be called.

“Shall we go in?” suggested Catherine to all around her, to overcome the embarrassment.

With laughter and jest they re-entered the ball-room to partici- pate in the remaining numbers. Twice, during the balance of the evening, Catherine had the privilege of dancing with General Brock, whose tall forln carried her lightly over the floor.

You should be very happy to-night, Miss Cavenleigh,” he remarked, conversing sociably.

I am, sir,” she answered. “And we’re proud to have you honour us.”

On these occasions it is beauty that does the honour,” he replied.

Your Excellency is too gracious.”

Not at all. ]ust truthful. Perhaps I am inquisitive, and you’ll forgive me if I am—but you gave your first dance to Mr. Richmond?

Yes, I did. The Richmonds are old friends of ours.”

A handsome fellow.”

You think so?

Handsome and manly.”

Catherine smiled, then added, as in afterthought: “But he’s so reckless and indifferent, in many ways. Poor Sidney, if he only had more pride.”

Ah, yes, but after all he’s a man. I like a man.”

hThere was a momentary silence till she added : Then you think t at——?

I think he’ll help me in the militia. I’ve asked him, for we need just such fellows.”

She took a deep breath. I’m so pleased,” was her answer.

When the step was over the young Governor bowed graciously and joined his aide and Colonel Brewer in the hallway.

Later that evening, after bounteous refreshments had been

served, much too bounteous, indeed, for the appetite of Patrick o