THE MASK 5 JAMES (from the darkness). I’ll lave ’ee know.

(VASHTI closes the door. For a moment her head drops and her whole figure is full of lassitude. But only for a moment—--then she raises her head and stretches herself with the relief of one suddenly set free. She takes a deep breath and passes her hand across her eyes as if to sweep away her thoughts of a moment before. Leaning against the door, she surveys the room for a moment and then begins to move about swiftly but quietly-—a happy smile on her lips-singing to herself gently. She gets a clean cloth for the table, on which she sets fresh plates, knives, forks and glasses. From the pantry, she produces a pie-—-a triumphant creation which she eyes proudly-—and a jug of water. T hen, from a drawer, a bottle of whiskey. Finally, going to the window-seat, she takes out a parcel—and reveals a black silk dress, which she spreads out on the floor, fingering it with loving care and pride. Suddenly she gathers up the dress in her arms, and with a little laugh of joy and anticipation goes quickly up the stairs to the bedroom. The shadow of a man is seen crossing the window space, then the door opens slowly and WILLIE STRICK comes in. He is a man of similar build and height to GLAssoN, but lighter and more youthful in his movements. His hair is the same colour as GLAss0N’s—-black. He is dressed in a blue reefer suit, with a white scarf round his neck. He is obviously nervous and moves cautiously about for a few moments before calling in a low whisper.

WILLIE. Vassie! (Comes further in, and calls again.) Vassie! VAsHTI (coming out quickly from bedroom on the top

stair. She has taken ofl her dress and is in her petticoat —the silk dress in her hand.) What’s that ‘.7

WILLIE. ’Tes me! Willie! VAsHTI. Aw—y0u did fright me some. I thought ’twas James come back. Y0u’me early. How could ’ee