i The Second CO F ‘ER F.

The jhherieal Figure of the Earth d€77207_2/lf'd* ted from other Arguments : Of the Ilfeful- nefi and Neeefity of Jl/Iountains: Of the 'Magnitude of the Earth and Moon : Of the

' Dgflances of the Moon and Sun from the . Earth. Theflhfizrdity offuppofing the Heavens and whole Frame ofNature t0 whirl round in

i‘ four and twenty Hours : That inflead ofthis morfirous Conveifion, the Earth only performs fa Revolution on its own Axis in the fame Time. hThe Order and periodical Revolutions of the. ' Planets in the Solar Syflem. ‘Page 33'.

The Third c o N FE R E N c3,

U§eo7ions agaiiy? the diurnal Motion of the Earth on its Axis arjeoered. YTheDiflerence hetween ahfirlute and relative, true and appa- _ rent Motion, familiarly explained. 0f the Magnitude of the Sun in rejfefl‘ to the Earth. 21 Reef/m ‘why the Sun jhould he fo hig. The Arguments which jhew the annual Motion of the Earth. How that Motion is known hy the Stars in the Night Time. That the great Changes in Nature, with ref/heft to us, are owing to the dzur/zal and annual Blo-