A porters’ sink on each floor should also be supplied, ‘and this should be installed in a separate space provided for such purposes. Careful attention should be given to the outlets on the sink, which should be fixed at a height to permit pails being placed in the sink. The ‘Hfaucets or spouts should have pail hooks and supports, and the Wastes from these sinks of at least 3-inch diameter. (See Fig. 71.)

The plumb-ing fixtures essential for equipping the utility room should include slop hopper with deep water seal and foot-pedal action, and bed pan sterilizer. (See Fig. 72.)

Fig. 74. Galvanized sheet steel scullery sink.

Fig. 73. Vegetable sink.

Fig. 75. Wall drinking fountain.

The main kitchen department should be provided with scullery sink, cook’s table sink, vegetable (see Fig. 73), poultry and meat- washing sinks. The bakery, if one is provided, should have a sink installe-d. Where dish-washing sinks and dish-washers are installed, floor drains properly connected are essential. (See Fig. 74.)

Drinking fountains should b-e 0-f the recessed type and the faucet-s should be high enough that a pitcher used in drawing water can be conveniently p-laced under them. The advisability of the installation of bubblers must be left to the discretion of those respon-

sible for the institution. same-a