T H E O B] E C T of the Institute is on the one hand to secure the recognition of the professional status of the “physicist and to urge the importance of physics in industry, and on the other hand to co-ordinate the work of other societies interested in physical science or ' its applications.

'T~H E I N S T I T U T E grants diplomas to Corporate

Members in order to secure authoritative recognition . of them as physicists engaged in professional work. ,Corporate members are of two classes, Associates and Fellows, depending upon academic qualifications and professional experience. The Institute also registers students of physics.

T H E IN S T I T U T E maintains a Panel of Con- sulting Physicists and an Appointments Register.

T HE I N S T I T U T E produces, with the co- opera- tion of the National Physical Laboratory, the monthly

Journal of Sczentific Instruments. The journal is published by the Cambridge University Press.

R E G U L A T I O N S relating to admission may be obtained on application to the Secretary, I Low ther Gardens, Exhibition Road, London, S. W. 7.