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Acadian Music
Introduction / Edith Butler. -- Il me n'a voit a l'ecole / (Edith Butler, Donat Lacroix). -- Le dix d'avril / (Edith Butler, Donat Lacroix). -- Le p'tit bateau / (Donat Lacroix). -- Derrier chex-nous y'a un joli bocage / (Donat Lacroix). -- Derriere chez-nous y'a un champ de pois / (Donat Lacroix). -- Le male de dents / (Edith Butler, Donat Lacroix). -- Le p'tit boeuf / (Edith Butler). -- Au cahant de l'allouette / (Edith Butler). -- [unknown song] / (Edith Butler). -- Un si gros cure / (Donat Lacroix). -- Le p'tit mari / (Donat Lacroix). -- La drole de vielle / (Donat Lacroix, Edith Butler). -- [untitled song] / (Edith Butler)., Consists of audio recording of a concert of Acadian music performed by Edith Butler and Donat Lacroix. Recording begins with a brief history of Acadians by Edith Butler followed by her performance of "Il me n'a voit a l'ecole(?)" and "Le Dix D'Avril". Each song begins with a story about the song to be performed by either Butler or Lacroix and leads into the music. The songs are duets with interchanging vocals. Donat Lacroix performs "Le p'tit bateau," "Derriere chez-nous y'a un joli bocage" or "Derriere chez-nous y'a un champ de pois." Together Lacroix and Butler perform "Le mal de dents" followed by Butler performing "Le p'tit boeuf" (a song about an old maid who is angry that she can not find a husband). Butler then sings "Au chant de l'allouette" and an untitled song. Lacroix sings "Un si gros cure," a humorous song about a parish priest and describes a bawdy wordplay with the French "Cure", followed by (30:53- as if the recording jumps forward might be farther ahead into the song- sung by Lacroix). "Le p'tit mari" which he explains is a song sung in both French and English. Lacroix then sings "La drole de vieille," about a ninety year old woman, with Butler adding vocal accompaniment followed by Butler performing an untitled bilingual song. Recording ends at 42:02.
Bessie Jones and Family, Honolulu Heartbreakers and Ken Whiteley
Image of Bessie Jones and Family, Honolulu Heartbreakers and Ken Whiteley performing on stage., One photoprint scanned.
Biculturalisim in Folklore with Chris Rawlings
[Discussion] / Gilles Losier. -- [Combination of] A Saint Malo, Beau Port de Mer [and] The Four Poster Bed / (Ensemble). -- The (?) of the Cloth (?) / Margaret Bennet Knight (?). -- Calinda / trad. (Chris Rawlings). -- A Soldier and a Sailor / (Angele Arsenault). -- [Discussion] / Gilles Losier. -- [Unknown song] / trad. (Chris Rawlings). -- I went to the market (Mon p'tit pannier sous mon bras) / (Gilles Losier). -- [Unknown song] / Margaret Bennet Knight (?). -- On the Road to Old Grand-mere / (Chris Rawlings). -- I Want To Leave My Name / (Angele Arsenault). -- La Chanson de Vieux Montreal / Chris Rawlings. -- [Unknown songs] / trad. (Gilles Losier). -- [Unknown dance] / trad. (Margaret Bennet Knight). -- Mon Coeur Me Fait Mal / trad. (Chris Rawlings)., Item consists of Gilles Losier discussing the necessity of biculturalism in the development of folklore and he begins by explaining the origins of square dancing and contra dancing followed by a group medley performance combining "A Saint Malo, Beau Port de Mer" and "The Four Poster Bed". Margaret Bennet Knight(?) singing "The ? of the Cloth", Chris Rawlings performing a Louisiana dance titled: "Calinda" and Angele Arsenault performing "A Soldier and a Sailor". Gilles Losier goes on to tell a humorous anecdote to exemplify the way English and French are mixed in Canada. Chris Rawlings plays an Andean piece on the penny-whistle. Gilles Losier performs "I went to the market (Mon p'tit pannier sous mon bras)", Margaret Bennet Knight(?) sings a lament in Gaelic, Chris Rawlings performs "On the Road to Old Grand-mere", and Angele Arsenault performs "I Want To Leave My Name" Also includes Chris Rawlings performing "La Chanson de Vieux Montreal" (Rawlings), Gilles Losier playing two fiddle tunes that were adapted from Scottish bagpipe songs, Margaret Bennet Knight performing a Gaelic dance (a cappella) followed by Chris Rawlings (with unidentified person) performing the Louisiana song "Mon Coeur Me Fait Mal" (trad.)., Microphone problems on original recording.
Boogies, Foxtrots and Two Steps
Coquette, aka Little Coquette / Guy Lombardo? Ensemble. -- Kansas City / Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller (John Davis). -- Honeysuckle Rose / Andy Razaf, Fats Waller (The Original Sloth Band)., Item consists of a recording of a workshop focusing on Boogies, Foxtrots and Two Steps, hosted by Ken Whiteley. Beginning with a a piano solo of "Coquette" aka "Little Coquette" (Guy Lombardo?) followed by John Davis performing "Kansas City" (Jerry Leiber Mike Stoller) followed by the Original Sloth Band performing "Honeysuckle Rose" (Andy Razaf (lyrics), Fats Waller). The recording cuts off mid-song.
Bread and Roses
Introduction / Malvina Reynolds., Item consists of audio recording of host Malvina Reynolds introducing the participants and discussing women and industry, women's rights and women's songs.
Bread and Roses
Marion / Vera Johnson., Item consists of Vera Johnson performing "Marion"., 22:09-25:48 of ASC06039.
Bread and Roses
Born a Woman / Rita MacNeil., Item consists of Rita MacNeil performing "Born a Woman"., 8:22-11:00 of ASC06039.
Bread and Roses
The Doffing Mistress / traditional (Margaret Christl)., Item consists of Margararet Christl performing "The Doffin Mistress"., 32:35-35:31 of ASC06039.
Bread and Roses
Apple Of My Eye / Rosalie Sorrels., Item consists of Rosalie Sorrels telling a story about parenting and her youth and performing "Apple of My Eye"., 35:31-37:54 of ASC06039.
Bread and Roses
Four Pence a Day / traditional (Margaret Christl)., Item consists of Margaret Christl performing "Four Pence A Day" (Thomas Raine)., 11:00-14:12 of ASC06039.
Introduction and banter / Ensemble. -- The Dingle Regatta / (trad.) (Ensemble). -- The Nightengale / trad. (Tommy Makem). -- Finnegan's Wake / trad. (Owen McBride). -- Flying Cloud / trad. (David Jones). -- Farewell to Ireland / trad. (The Boys of the Lough). -- Paddy McGinty's Goat / Val Doonican (Maggi Peirce). -- Interlude and banter / Ensemble and audience. -- Wild Mountain Thyme / Will you Go Lassie, Go / trad. (Ensemble). -- Wild Rover / trad. (Ensemble). -- Young Edwin in The Lowlands / trad. (David Jones). -- Reels / trad. (The Boys of the Lough). -- The Irish Schoolmaster / James A. Sidney (Maggi Peirce). -- My Father Loves Nikita Kruschev / (Tommy Makem and ensemble). -- Instrumental / trad. (The Boys of the Lough)., Item consists of an audio recording of a ceildh held at the 1975 Mariposa Festival. Includes performances by Tommy Makem, Owen McBride, Maggi Peirce, Boys of the Lough (including Cahil McConnell and David Jones). All play "The Dingle Regatta" (trad.). Next Tommy Makem performs "The Nightingale" (trad.), Owen McBride performs "Finnegan's Wake" (trad.), David Jones performs "Flying Cloud" (trad.), The Boys of the Lough perform an instrumental piece "Farewell to Ireland" (trad.), Maggi Peirce performs a song "Paddy McGinty's Goat" (Val Doonican). Members of the audience shout out songs, including "Zoological Gardens", but the group performs "Wild Mountain Thyme / Will You Go Lassie, Go" (trad.), "Wild Rover" (trad.). Then David Jones sings "Young Edwin In The Lowlands". The Boys of the Lough then play some reels (not identified). Maggi Peirce then leads a recitation, "The Irish Schoolmaster" (James A. Sidney), which is cut off suddenly before the final verse. The recording picks up again with banter with the audience leading up to a performance of his song "My Father Loves Nikita Kruschev" and then The Boys of The Lough perform a series of reels to lead out the concert, with Makem acknowledging the Frank McArthur (?), a Newfoundland step-dancer. It is assumed that McArthur danced during the last song.
Classic Ragtime to Early Jazz with Ken Whiteley
Introduction / Ken Whiteley., Consists of Ken Whiteley introducing a workshop on early jazz and ragtime., Taken from 0:00-2:29 of ASC06538.
Classic Ragtime to Early Jazz with Ken Whiteley
Introduction / Ken Whiteley. -- The Mississippi Rag / Wiliam H. Krell (John Arpin). -- How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone? or The How-Long Blues / Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell (Larry Johnson). -- Hold It On The Bottom / (Sam Chatmon). -- Dinah / Harry Akst (Sam Chatmon). -- Oh Papa Blues / Ma Rainey (Kate and Anna McGarrigle). -- Jazz instrumental / Ensemble. -- Papa De-Da-Da / Clarence Williams (Original Sloth band). -- Lady Be Good / George and Ira Gershwin (Steve Goodman). -- Nagasaki / Freddy Taylor (Ken Bloom). -- Handful of Keys / Fats Waller (John Arpin). -- Charley Stone / (Larry Johnson?). -- Fishin' Blues / Henry Thomas (Sam Chatmon). -- Goin' 'Round The Mountain / (Sam Chatmon). -- Rockin' Chair / Hoagy Carmichael (Kate McGarrigle). -- A Ballad For Red Allen / (unknown performer). -- (Listen To the) Rhythm King / Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra (The Original Sloth Band). -- Right Or Wrong / Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan (The Original Sloth Band). -- Instrumental / (Unknown performer, clarinet). -- Question and Answer period / John Arpin. -- Just a Closer Walk With Thee / trad. (Ensemble). -- Ain't She Sweet / Milton Ager, Jack Yellen (Ensemble)., Item consists of audio recording Ken Whiteley hosting a workshop about ragtime and early jazz music beginning with John Arpin performing "The Mississippi Rag" (William H. Krell), Larry Johnson performing "How Long has that Evening Train Been Gone?" aka "The How-Long Blues" (Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell), Sam Chatmon performing "Hold it on the Bottom(?)" and "Dinah" (Harry Akst), Kate McGarrigle (joined by Anna McGarrigle) performing "Oh Papa, Blues" (Ma Rainey), followed by the whole group performing a jazz piece with the audience providing the percussion. Also consists of Original Sloth Band performing "Papa De-Da-Da" (Clarence Williams), Steve Goodman performing "Lady Be Good" (George and Ira Gershwin), Ken Bloom performing "Nagasaki" (Freddy Taylor) in a similar style to the version by Django Reinhardt, John Arpin performing "Handful of Keys" (Fats Waller), Larry Johnson? performing "Charley Stone", Sam Chatmon performing "Fishin' Blues" (Henry Thomas) and "Goin' 'round the Mountain" (parody of "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain"), Kate McGarrigle performing "Rockin' Chair" (Hoagy Carmichael), an unknown performer singing "A Ballad for Red Allen" and The Original Sloth Band performing "(Listen to the) Rhythm King" (Coon Sanders Nighthawks Orchestra) and "Right or Wrong" (Bob Wills and Tommy Duncan), a solo clarinet performance followed by a question and answer period with John Arpin explaining the difference between rag time and honky tonk piano. Also includes the entire group performing "Just a Closer Walk with Thee" (trad.) and "Ain't She Sweet?" (Milton Ager (music) and Jack Yellen (lyrics)., Tape contains static from 41:39 to 47:32.
Concert: Angele Arsenault and Les Danseurs du St. Laurent
P.E.I.O. / Angele Arsenault. -- Toc-toc, Toc-toc-toc-toc / Angele Arsenault. -- I Want To Leave My Name / Angele Arsenault. -- L'Homme et la femme / (Angele Arsenault). -- Le monde de par chez nous / Angele Arsenault. -- Women are Beggers / Angele Arsenault. -- Vishten / Arthur Arsenault (Angele Arsenault). -- Maman, Maman / Angele Arsenault. -- Les Cautin? / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- La Plus Belle de Sairent / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- La Caderie de Whisky / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- Les Jig des Gars et Les Jig des Filles, Les Jig Tout Monde / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- [Unknown song] / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- [Unknown song] / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- Le Brandy du Lac Saint Jean / trad.(Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- L' Aurais la Neuf / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- La Caduses / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- Les Waltz de Montreal? / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- Irish Jig / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- La Belle Catherine / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent). -- [Unknown song] / trad. (Les Danseurs de St.Laurent)., Item consists of performance by Angele Arsenault accompanied by Les Danseurs de St.Laurent. Includes "P.E.I.O.", her song about growing up in P.E.I. (to the tune of "Old MacDonald Had A Farm"), followed by "Toc-toc, Toc-toc-toc-toc", a song she wrote for TVOntario and "I Want To Leave My Name". She nexts sings "L'Homme et la femme", and includes a commentary on how women are viewed and treated in society. Her next song, "Le monde de par chez nous," is self-composed and discusses the confusion with Acadian last names, sung in French, no title is provided. Written by Angele Arsenault one week prior, she also performs a song with a serious meaning "Women are Beggers", raises issues of women begging for equality, freedom, humanity, children and the poor. This is followed by a song made up of words of Mi'Kmaq sounds, "Vishten" (arr. by her father, Arthur Arsenault) which is performed in both French and English. Angele Arsenault concludes with a French song entitled "Maman, Maman". Les Danseurs du St. Laurent begin with instrumental performance, with Philip Brueanu on accordion and Yvan Brault on piano. Performance of "Les Cautin?" from the Vie Saint Catherine Regio, instruments include accordion and piano followed by a song and dance "La Plus Belle de Sairent". Continued with "La Caderie de Whisky" from the lower Saint Laurent region. Each geographic region has its own style of dance, this dance is based on the sailors who sailed the seven seas; a melody of jigs called "Les Jig des Gars et Les Jig des Filles, Les Jig Tout Monde". The next performance, French vocals (French) no titled given. Phillip Brueanu plays a march from 1900 on the small accordion. Dance performance from the Lac Saint Jean region called "Le Brandy du Lac Saint Jean" accompanied by fiddler Jean Carignan. From the same Lac Saint Jean region comes a dance performance tittled "L' Aurais la Neuf" followed by "La Caduses" which is a form of weaving. From the Montreal area after the first world war, presents a performance entitled "Les Waltz de Montreal?" followed by a performance from the north west part of Quebec, the Pontiac region (lumber jack) called the "Irish Jig", followed by the final dance and musical performance titled "La Belle Catherine" from the eastern Quebec area and a good bye and thank you song., Static found in right channel during Angele Arsenault concert. Some Concerts on this tape are in stereo, others in mono (see column AI - Technical Notes for more information).
Concert: Boys of the Lough
The Boys of the Lough / (Boys of the Lough). -- Slanty Gart, aka MacDonald's Reel / (Boys of the Lough). -- The Laird of Drumblair / (Boys of the Lough). -- Instrumental / (Boys of the Lough). -- For He Is Such a Bonny Lad / (Boys of the Lough). -- Salmon Tails Up The Water / (Boys of the Lough). -- The Devil And The Bailiff / (Boys of the Lough). -- The Winnie Hills of Lietrim / (Boys of the Lough). -- Ryan's Slip Jig / (Boys of the Lough). -- Jack Broke The Prison Door (Boys of the Lough). -- Instrumental / (Boys of the Lough). -- Twisting of The Rope, aka Casadh an t'Sugain (Boys of the Lough). -- Instrumental / (Boys of the Lough)., Consists of concert performance by Boys of the Lough of traditional Irish, Scottish (specifically Shetland and Northumbrian music.) Songs include: "The Boys of the Lough", "Slanty Gart" aka MacDonald's Reel, "The Laird of Drumblair" (strathspey), Northumbrian pipe tunes (?), "For He Is Such A Bonny Lad" and "Salmon Tails Up The Water", "The Devil And The Bailiff" (slip jig), "The Winnie Hills Of Leitrim" (slip jig), "Ryan's Slip Jig" "Jack Broke The Prison Door" (reel) a couple of whistle tunes, "Twisting of the Rope" aka "Casadh an t'Sugáin" and an untitled mazurka.
Concert: Charlie Chin
I've been Working on the Railroad / trad. Charlie Chin. -- Fable and song / (Chris Iijima) Charlie Chin. -- The War of the Flea / Chris Iigima (Charlie Chin). -- Vietnamese Lament / Chris Iijima (Charlie Chin). -- Song / Ho Chi Minh, adapted by Chris Iijima (Charlie Chin). -- Someone Like You / Charlie Chin. -- Untitle love song / Charlie Chin. -- It's Going To Be A Beautiful Day / Charlie Chin., Consists of audio recording of Charlie Chin performing an adaptation of "I've been Working on the Railroad" (trad.) followed by his telling a fable about a man who tries to move a mountain and then performing a song based on the fable (Chris Iijima). He also performs "The War of the Flea"(Iijima), "Vietnamese Lament"(Iijima), a song adapted from a poem by Ho Chi Minh (Iijima), "Someone Like You"(?), an untitled love song (Chin) and "It's Going to be a Beautiful Day"(Chin)., Distortion during recording on original tape.
Concert: Robbie McNeill
Belle of the Ball / Paul Grady (Robbie McNeill). -- Evangeline / (Robbie McNeill). -- Love Is Not Just A Valentine / Paul Grady (Robbie McNeill). -- Sunshine / (Robbie McNeill). -- Lazy Love / (Robbie McNeill). -- Maybe / (Robbie McNeill). -- Can't Even Change Our Minds [?] / (Robbie McNeill)., Consists of audio recording of concert with Robbie MacNeill performing Nova Scotian Blues songs, "Bell of the Ball" (Paul Grady) "Evangeline", "Love is not Just a Valentine" (Paul Grady), "Sunshine", "Lazy Love", "Maybe" and "Can't Even Change Our Minds(?)".
Dobro and slide guitar
Spanish Grass / trad. (Michael Cooney). -- "At the End of a Long Lonely Day" / Marty Robbins (Michael Cooney). -- John Henry/ trad. (Shelley Posen?). -- [unknown song] / [unknown] (Michael Cooney?)., Consists of audio recording of workshop explaining how to play dobro and slide guitar, hosted by Michael Cooney and Shelley Posen. Four songs performed with technical explanations and audience question and answer periods interspersed. The first song is "Spanish Grass" (trad.), followed by "At the End of a Long Lonely Day" (Marty Robbins), "John Henry" (trad.) and an unknown song., Original recording contains a low end hum throughout. Attempts made to remove the hum but the sound is still poor.
Evelyn Home by Margaret Christl and The Ballad of Knocking Nellie by David Jones.
Evelyn Home / traditional (Margaret Christl)., Margaret Christl performing "Evelyn Home" and a partial recording of David Jones performing "The Ballad of Knocking Nellie"., 21:03-24:02 of ASC0617.
Folk Concert : Chris Rawlings
Soup du Jour / (Chris Rawlings, Gilles Losier). -- [unknown title] / traditional (Gilles Losier, Chris Rawlings, recorder). -- Golden Rocket / Hank Snow (Chris Rawlings. -- The Log Drivers' Waltz / Wade Hemsworth ( Chris Rawlings, Gilles Losier accompaniment). -- Chibougamau Boogaloo / (Chris Rawlings). -- The Pearl River Turnaround / (Chris Rawlings)., Item consists of a concert featuring Chris Rawlings and Gilles Losier performing "Soup du Jour", "Butterfly Children", a song about Henry Hudson, Losier performing a traditional canoeing song (with Rawlings on the recorder), Rawlings performing "Golden Rocket" (Hank Snow), "The Log Driver's Waltz" (Wade Hemsworth) (with accompaniment from Losier), "Chibougamau Boogaloo" and "The Pearl River Turnaround".
Folk Fun and Games for Children of all Ages
Green Grass Grew All Around / (Bram Morrison). -- George Washington Bridge / (Rick Avery). -- Uncle Roon's Gotta Coon(?) / (Chick Roberts). -- Bingo / (Sharron Hampson). -- A Symphonic Variation (The Violins Play Along) / Brothers Four (Ensemble). -- My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean / trad. (Ensemble). -- Oh What A Merry Land Is England / trad. (Bram Morrison). -- One Finger, One Thumb / (Sharron Hampson and others). -- Three Blind Mice / trad. (Rick Avery and children). -- Frere Jacques / trad. (Rick Avery and children). -- Row Row Row Your Boat / trad. (Rick Avery and children). -- Lion Hunt / (Rick Avery and children). -- Father Abraham / (Ensemble). -- Come Little Rabbit / (Sharron Hampson). -- I See A Bear / (Chick Roberts and children)., Item consists of an audio recording of Rick Avery introducing the workshop that encourages children to have fun with folk songs. Bram Morrison begins the workshop by teaching the children the song"Green Grass Grew All Around" followed by Rick Avery instructing the children to sing "George Washington Bridge", Chick Roberts performing "Uncle Roon's Gotta Coon(?)", Sharron Hampson performing "Bingo" with the audience clapping along, the entire group along with the audience performing the harmony song "A Symphonic Variation (The Violins Play Along)" (Brothers Four), followed by "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" (trad.). A child performs her own version of the song and they all sing along. Bram Morrison performing "Oh What A Merry Land Is England" (trad.) but changing the words to include various nursery rhymes, Sharron Hampson and the whole group performing "One Finger, One Thumb", Rick Avery instructing the children to sing a harmony combining "Three Blind Mice", "Frere Jacques" and "Row Row Row Your Boat". Also includes Rick Avery playing "Lion Hunt" with the children and then the group performing "Father Abraham", Sharron Hampson teaching the children "Come Little Rabbit"and Chick Roberts organizing and playing the "I See A Bear" game.
Folksong Accompaniment
The Water is Wide / traditional (Bram Morrison). -- The Jolly Fellows That Fall To The Plough / (Barry O'Neill). -- Two Young Lovers. -- (Martin Carthy). -- Thorneymoor Woods / (Martin Carthy). - El Serano / (Bram Morrison). -- The Gosport Tragedy / Sam Larner (Barry O'Neill). -- A Night Visiting Song / (Martin Carthy). -- The Thresher / Dick Snell (Martin Carthy). -- Sowing On The Mountain / traditional (Barry O'Neill., Item consists of an audio recording of workshop about accompaniment to folk songs with Bram Morrison describing how to adapt the guitar during accompaniment. He performs "The Water is Wide" (trad.) as an example. Also contains Barry O'Neill performing "The Jolly Fellows That Follow The Plough" and Martin Carthy performing "Two Young Lovers/Thorneymoor Woods" Sam Hinton also shares his thoughts on accompaniment and motion. There may be a break in recording here as documentation indicates that Sam Hinton performs "Franky & Johnny", "Little Dogies", St. James Infirmary" and "Boll Weavil". followed by Bram Morrison singing a Spanish song called "El Serano", Barry O'Neill performing "The Gosport Tragedy" (Sam Larner), followed by a discussion about repetition. Next, Martin Carthy performs "A Night Visiting Song", "The Thresher" (Dick Snell) and Barry O'Neill concluding with "Sowing On The Mountain" (trad.).
Hoop Dancers
Welcome / Saddleback Family. -- Warm Up of the Grass Dance, aka War Dance / Saddleback Family. -- Cree Chicken Dance / Saddleback Family. -- Red Light Dance. / Saddleback Family. -- Stop Dance / Saddleback Family. -- Shawl Dance / Saddleback Family. -- Eagle Dance / George Saddleback. -- Hoop Dance / Jerry Saddleback., Item consists of audio recording of a a concert with The Saddleback Family performing traditional "welcome" song followed by "The Warm Up of the Grass Dance" aka "The War Dance", "The Cree Chicken Dance", "The Red Light Dance" aka "The Stop Dance", "The Shawl(?) Dance", "The Eagle Dance" performed by George Saddleback, and Jerry Saddleback demonstrating the "Hoop Dance".
Image from 1975 Mariposa programme
Image of Ken and Chris Whiteley of the Original Sloth Band.
Image from 1978 Mariposa programme
Image of Ken Whiteley and Steve Goodman.
Instruments as Voice substitutes with Mike Seeger
The Maid Behind the Bar / John Wright. -- Don't Let Your Deal Go Down / (Mike Seeger). -- Instrumental / (Ken Bloom). -- Instrumental / (John Wright). -- Intrumental / (Patrick Judge)., Item consists of audio recording of Mike Seeger hosting a workshop on instruments used to substitute vocals. Includes John Wright performing "The Maid Behind the Bar", Mike Seeger performing "Don't Let Your Deal Go Down", Ken Bloom performing a solo clarinet piece in a New Orleans tradition and demonstrating the bottleneck blues guitar with vocal accompaniment, John Wright performing a Jew's harp solo and explaining different methods of playing the instrument around the world and Patrick Judge performing a a few traditional "pipe songs".
J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psaraisis Concert
Frankie and Johnny / trad. (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis). -- Baby Rose / Charlie Poole, Billy Murray (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis). -- Take Me To That Land of Jazz / Edgar Leslie, Bert Kalmar (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis). -- Out of Sight Out of Mind/ Sean Garnier (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis). -- I'm My Own Grandpa / Dwight Latham, Moe Jaffe (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis). -- Licks Off Of Records / Martin Mull (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis). -- Suzanne / Leonard Cohen (J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psoraisis)., Item consists of audio recording of concert by J.P. Ringwort and the Heartbreak of Psaraisis performing "Frankie and Johnny" (trad.), "Baby Rose" (Charlie Poole or Billy Murray?), "Take Me To That Land Of Jazz" (Edgar Leslie, Bert Kalmar), "Out of Sight Out Of Mind" (Sean Garnier), "I'm My Own Grandpa" (Dwight Latham, Moe Jaffe), "Licks off of Records" (Martin Mull) and "Suzanne" (Leonard Cohen)., This concert was not listed on the official festival program.
MITS Presents: Intro. to Folk music for children
Introduction / Rick Avery. -- Goat song / (Bram Morrison and ensemble). -- Discussion and demonstration of cheek music / (Rick Avery). -- Performance / (Chick Roberts). -- Discussion and demonstration of spoon playing / (Sharon Hampson). -- Song / Ensemble. -- Discussion and demonstration of a cappella / (Rick Avery). -- Eskimo lullaby / trad. (Sharon Hampson). -- Iroquois lullaby / trad. (Bram Morrison). -- Long John / trad. (Ken Whiteley). -- The Frozen Logger / James Stevens (Sharon Hampson). -- Darby Ram / trad. (Rick Avery). -- Darby Ram / trad. (Bram Morrison). -- Darby Ram / trad. (Rick Avery). -- Groundhog / Ensemble. -- Discussion / (Rick Avery). -- Instrumental / Ensemble. -- Reuben's Train / (Ken Whiteley). -- The Girls of Ontario / trad. (Sharon Hampson). -- When The War Breaks Down In Mexico / J. Brandon Walsh (Chick Roberts). -- The Saskatchewan Song / trad. (Bram Morrison). -- The Vegetable Song (The Barnyard Dance) / Martin Bogan and Armstrong (Ken Whiteley). -- The Black Fly Song / Wade Wemsworth (Rick Avery). -- Discussion and demonstration of rent party / Chick Roberts and audience. --The Boodelam Shake / (Chick Roberts)., Item consists of audio recording of Mariposa In the Schools: Introduction to Folk Music for Children workshop hosted by Rick Avery in which the participatory tradition of folk music is emphasized. Bram Morrison teaches the audience a song about a goat using the "lining out" technique. Rick Avery discusses innovative approaches to makeshift instrumentation and explains "cheek music" to the audience, demonstrating how it's done. Chick Roberts shows the audience various approaches to using one's hands for percussion. Sharon Hampson illustrates to the audience how to use the spoons, followed by a demonstration by all the musicians combining all techiques discussed. Rick Avery explains the different ways of using ones voice and singing a cappella. Sharon Hampson singing an "Eskimo" lullaby. Bram Morrison teaches the audience an Iroquois lullaby. Ken Whiteley performs a work song "Long John" (trad.) with the audience clapping and singing along. Sharon Hampson sings a tall tale called "The Frozen Logger" (James Stevens). Rick Avery performs the tall tale "Darby Ram" (trad.) followed by Chick Roberts performing a different version of the same song and then Rick Avery singing yet another version. Ken Whiteley explains that there is no "right way" to sing a song and then the group performs "Groundhog" (trad.) Rick Avery explains how to manipulate instruments to make them sound like other things. They play a fiddle to sound like a train and a banjo to sound like a chicken. Chick Roberts plays the harmonica to sound like a train and then Bram Morrison uses a guitar as a drum and Avery plays a penny whistle. Ken Whiteley performs "Reuben's Train" (trad.). Sharon Hampson sings the Canadian song "The Girls of Ontario" (trad.) and Chick Roberts performs an urban song from the 1890s about draft-dodging with the audience skatting along, titled: "When the War Breaks Out Down in Mexico" (J. Brandon Walsh), and "The Saskatchewan Song" (trad.). Ken Whiteley sings "The Vegetable Song (the Barnyard Dance)" (Martin, Bogan and Armstrong). Rick Avery performs "The Black Fly Song" (Wade Hemsworth), Chick Roberts explains the concept of the "rent party" and selects some children from the audience to play the jug, the washboard, sandpaper, the kazoo, the slide whistle and the shaker. He sings "The Boodelam Shake"?
MacNeil, Rita
Image of Rita MacNeil performing with Malvina Reynolds and Vera Johnson.
MacNeil, Rita
Portrait of Rita MacNeil performing.
MacNeil, Rita
Image of Rita MacNeil performing on stage with her eyes closed and her arms raised above her head.
Maids When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man by Margaret Christl
Maids When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man / traditional (Margaret Christl)., Margaret Christl singing "Maids When You're Young, Never Wed An Old Man" (trad.)., 29:21-31:42 of ASC06517.
Making Music Middle Eastern Style
Introduction / Ken Bloom. -- Instrumental / Ensemble. -- Interlude / Ken Bloom. -- Instrumental / Ensemble. -- Instrumental / Ensemble., Consists of audio recording of part of a workshop about how to make Middle Eastern music hosted by Ken Bloom. This recording features the group performing an instrumental " Çiftetelli" (belly dancing) song followed by some explanation of how Middle Eastern orchestras work and performance of a Turkish instrumental piece and finishing with a Turkish belly dancing number., Break in audio. No sound from 14:26 - 17:17 and again from 21:50 - 22:15.
Image of First Nations performer, filmmaker and activist, Alanis Obomsawin and three other First Nations women in traditional dress speaking and knitting on a stage., One print scanned from the folder.
Image of children and parents sitting and enjoying a musical performance at Mariposa., One print scanned from the folder
Image of mother and child listening to storyteller Elizabeth Cotton., One print scanned from the folder.
Image of Chicago Blues Singer Howlin' Wolf performing at the Mariposa Folk Music Festival., One print scanned from the folder.
Image of woman demonstrating a marionet to a group of children at the Mariposa Folk Festival., One print scanned from the folder
Mariposa Fall Festival 1980 program
Item consists of the 24 page Mariposa Folk Festival program for 1980, held at Harbourfront Queen's Quay, Toronto, Ontario. The program was edited by Daryl Auwai and designed by Wycliffe D. Smith. Program includes a map of the site, a schedule of evening and day concerts and workshops and a list of performer biographies. Also contains several articles including: "Mariposa: The Foundation" by Rob Sinclair, "Here We Go Again" by Daryl Auwai, "Director's Notes" by Ken Whiteley, "Mariposa in the Schools" by Ron Boughton and a financial statement by the festival foundation.
Mariposa Festival
Image of Inuit man during dance performance, 1 slide(#15) scanned
Mariposa Festival
Image of Mary Adelaide Rich making a snowshoe. Hulda Lidd is in the background., 1 image scanned
Mariposa Festival
Image of First Nations dance performance in traditional attire., 1 slide (#10) scanned
Mariposa Festival
Image of unknown musician on double bass performing on stage accompanied by two other unknown musicians., 1 image scanned
Mariposa Festival 1975
Image of extreme low angle shot of Bernice Reagon performing, group member of Sweet Honey in the Rock, holding a rattle., 1 slide (#18)scanned
Mariposa Festival 1975
Image of Kate McGarrigle playing the accordion., 1 image scanned (#15) out of 24 of contact sheet
Mariposa Festival 1964
Image of large audience from behind, couple hugging, man holding double bass, audience member sitting on tree branch., 1 image scanned
Mariposa Festival 1966
Image of the Gangrene Boys performing on banjo and guitar., 1 slide (#16) scanned
Mariposa Festival 1967
Image of Buddy Grey of the Buddy Guy Blues Band playing guitar., 1 photograph scanned
Mariposa Festival 1967
Image of Joni Mitchell and David Rea playing guitar., 1 image scanned from folder