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Histoire littéraire de la France (Volume 21)
t. 1, ptie 1. Les temps qui ont précédé la naissance de Jésus-Christ et les trois premières siècles de l'Eglise -- ptie. 2. IVe siècle -- t. 2. Ve siècle -- t. 3. VIe et VIIe siècles -- t. 4-5. XIIIe et IXe siècles -- t. 6. Xe siècle -- t. 7-8. XIe siècle -- t. 9-15. XIIe siècle -- t. 16-23. XIIIe siècle -- t. 24-40. XIVe siècle -- t. 41. Suite du quatorziéme siècle, ouvrage commencé par des religieux bénédictins de la Congrégation de Saint Maur, et continué par des membres de l'Institut (Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres)., Title and imprint vary., Vols. 1-9 are principally the work of Rivet; v. 10-12 of Clémencet and Clément. In the first 7 volumes published by the Académie (v. 13-20, 1814-1838) Daunou was the principal collaborator. Vols. 20-24 (1842-1863) were edited by V. Le Clerc; v. 25-31 (1869-1893) by B. Hauréau; v. 32- (1898- ) by P. Meyer; v. 35-36 (1921-1926) by C. V. Langlois; v. 37-38 (1938-1949) by M. Roques; v. 39-41 (1962-1981) by C. Samaran., Includes bibliographies and indexes.
"A Dieu" : November 12th, 1898
Ms. note: Ishbel Aberdeen.
by John R. Connon., Includes index.
"Petite Hermine" de Jacques Cartier, et diverses monographies historiques
par N.-E. Dionne. --, Includes bibliographical references.
"The city and the sea,"
with other Cambridge contributions, in aid of the hospital fund. --, Preface signed: H.L.R. [i.e. Helen Leah Reed], The first issue in book form of the poem "The city and the sea," by H.W. Longfellow. cf.Pref.
A bit of Atlantis
by Douglas Erskine. Illustrated by H. Julien and R.G. Mathews. --
A booklet of verse
by Rozelle V. Myers-Funnell., "Price, 75 cents" -t.p., "A jubilee offering." -cover.
A brief history of "firsts" and other interesting stage and railway facts, etc : in ye goode olde tymes
[Will W. Clarke]., Cover title: Clarke's history of the earliest railways in Nove Scotia., Caption title: Early history of railroading in the Annapolis Valley and elsewhere in Nova Scotia / by Conductor W.W. Clarke.
A chance acquaintance
by William D. Howells. Illustrated by William L. Sheppard. --
A collection of psalms and hymns in the Mohawk language : for the use of the Six Nations Indians
by the New-England Corporation., Added t.p. in Mohawk: Ne karoron ne teyerihwahkwatha ..., Mohawk and English on opposite pages, numbered in duplicate, except p. 63-80 in Mohawk. Index in Mohawk., Without music., Includes index.
A contribution to the study of Bright's disease with special reference to the etiological relationship of the bacillus coli
by Albert G. Nicholls., Cover title., "Reprinted from the Montreal Medical Journal, March, 1899" -cover., Tables., Inscribed by the author.
A country lawyer
by Henry A. Shute. --
A decade in the history of newspaper libel
by John King., "A paper read at the annual meeting of the Canadian Press Association held at Ottawa, March 6th, 7th, 1892, and published by the Association for general circulation." -t.p.
A few more verses
by Susan Coolidge. --
A generic revision of North American agrotid moths
James Halliday McDunnough. --, Microfiche (negative). Toronto : Micromedia, 1985. -- 1 microfiche ; 11 x 15 cm.
A good time
"An account of the author's trip around the world with her father."
A history of the New York Iroquois : now commonly called the Six Nations
by William M. Beauchamp., Includes bibliographical references (p. 128-130) and index.
A history of the present day drama from the Civil war to the present day
by Arthur Hobson Quinn ... --, The text of the two volume edition of 1927, with an added chapter (The new decade, 1927-1936) The bibliography and play list have been completely revised and reset. cf. Foreword to the revised edition., "General bibliography and list of American plays, 1860-11936":p.[303]-402.
A memento : Toronto & the Brotherhood
"Supplement to Locomotive Firemen's Magazine, September 1898" -t.p.
A motor tour through Canada
by Thomas W. Wilby. --, With 31 illustrations from photographs.
A narrative of an attempt made by the French of Canada upon the Mohaques country
reproduced in fasimile from the first edition printed by William Bradford. 1693 ; with an introductory note by Adelaide R. Hasse., "Of this book 500 copies on deckle edge paper, and 25 copies on Japan paper only are printed"--T.p. verso., From a copy of the American edition, found among Benjamin Fletcher's papers in the archives of the Public Record Office, London, and claimed to be the first book printed in New York., Includes a facsimile of the t.-p. of the London edition of 1693: A journal of late actions of the French at Canada. With the manner of their being repuls'd, by His Excellency, Benjamin Fletcher, Their Majesties governour of New York. Impartially related by Coll. Nicholas Reyard [!] and Charles Lodowick ...
A new and enlarged edition of Cheetham's psalmody : harmonised in score, with an arrangement for the organ or piano forte
by J. Houldsworth., At head of title: "Inscribed to the reverend the vicar and clergy of the Parish of Halifax"., Includes pref. and index.
A new physical geography (Volume 1)
v. 1. The earth, a descriptive history of the phenomena of the life of the globe.--[v.2.] The ocean, atmosphere and life., by Élisée Reclus ; edited by A.H. Keane., Includes index.
A new physical geography (Volume 2)
v. 1. The earth, a descriptive history of the phenomena of the life of the globe.--[v.2.] The ocean, atmosphere and life., by Élisée Reclus ; edited by A.H. Keane., Includes index.
A page of the history of the schools in Manitoba during 75 years
Archbishop Taché., Cover title., Also available in French.
A prairie-schooner princess
by Mary Katherine Maule. Illustrated by Harold Cue. --
A round dozen
by Susan Coolidge. --
A season's sowing
Decorated by Louise Keeler. --
A selection of the principal voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation
by Richard Hakluyt, 1552-1616 ; set out with many embellishments and a preface by Laurence Irving., Part of the ill. is mounted., Half title: The principal navigations, voyages, traffiques and discoveries of the English nation., Running title: Hakluyt's voyages.
A step aside
by Charlotte Dunning. --
A study of the portraiture of James Wolfe
by J. Clarence Webster., Caption title., "Read May meeting, 1925"., Detached from the Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada, v. 19, ser. 3, section 2.
A summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's life
by A.D.T. Whitney. With illus. by Augustus Hoppin. --
A tar-heel baron
by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton. With illus. by Edward Stratton Holloway. --
A trip to the old country ; Canada, our country
[Will Pennington]., Signed: Will Pennington.
A world cruise log
by Joseph H. Appel ... with many illustrations from photographs selected by Clarence Welsh. --, Maps on lining-papers., "First edition."
A yachtswoman's cruises and some steamer voyages
by Maude Speed ; illustrated with sketches by the author. --
Abrege de geographie : redige sur un nouveau plan d'apres les derniers traites de paix et les decouvertes les plus recentes
par Adrien Balbi. --, title vignette., First edition, Paris, 1833., "Liste chronologique des ouvrages de M. Adrien Balbi" : p. 1.
Abrégé de la nouvelle méthode dans l'art d'écrire ou de traçer toutes sortes de danses de ville
Mise au jour par le sr. Rameau ... . --, Running title: Abrége de la nouvelle chorégraphie., Title of the 2d part: Seconde partie contenant douze des plus belles danses de monsieur Pecour., Microfilm of the original in the P. J. S. Richardson bequest in the library of the Royal Academy of Dancing. London : University Microfilms Inc. (Gt. Britain), 1971. -- 1 reel ; 35 mm. -- Richardson collection ; reel 7., On reel with the author's The dancing master. London, 1728 and his Le Maître a danser. Paris, 1725. Saint-Léon, C. V. A. La Sténochorégraphie. Paris, 1852. Sol, C. Méthode très facile ... de bien dancer. La Haye, 1725. Theobald, L. Perseus and Andromeda. London, 1730.
Academie nationale de musique et de danse
Performances included : Faust, Thias.
Academie nationale de musique et de danse
Performances included : Faust, Thias.
Act of Parliament & Charter of Incorporation
Title from cover., Ms. copy of the charter (44 p.), preceded by a printed copy of the enabling act, June 27, 1825 ([629]-634 p.).
Act of incorporation, constitution and by-laws
Numismatic and Antiquarian Society of Montreal., "1862" -t.p., "Officers: Hon. Mr. Justice Baby, President, Hon. Mr. Edward Murphy, Senator, Vice-President, ...--p. [2].
Address delivered in Boston Music Hall, Wednesday evening, January 31, 1894
by Edward Blake., Running title: On Ireland's cause.
Africa disturbed
by Emory and Myrta Ross. With illus, by Harper Johnson. --
Aldine House
Inscription to True Davidson on flyleaf.
Alexander and some other cats
compiled and arranged by Sarah J. Eddy. --
Alfred Russel Wallace : letters and reminiscences
by James Marchant. --, "List of Wallace's writings": p.[477]-486.
Alpine flora of the Canadian Rocky Mountains
by Stewardson Brown ; illustrated with water-colour drawings and photographs by Mrs. Charles Schäffer., Includes index.
American authors and their homes
personal descriptions and interviews, ed. with an introduction and additions by Francis Whiting Halsey. Eighteen illustrations. --, "Printed originally in the New York times."
American girl in London
By Sara Jeannette Duncan ... With eighty illustrations by F.H. Townsend. --
American lands and letters
[v.1] The Mayflower to Rip van Winkle. - [v.2] Leather stocking to Poe's "Raven"., by Donald G. Mitchell. --
American lands and letters (Volume 1)
[v.1] The Mayflower to Rip Van Winkle. - [v.2] Leather-stocking to Poe's "Raven."
American lands and letters (Volume 2)
[v.1] The Mayflower to Rip Van Winkle. - [v.2] Leather-stocking to Poe's "Raven."