Sound and Moving Image Library

Collection consists of digitized film from the holdings of the Sound and Moving Image Library (SMIL) created for the purposes of preservation and access. Selected for digitization by patron request and at the recommendation of subject librarians. Digitized material represents less than 1% of total holdings., Digitization made possible, in whole or in part, through patron fees, in-kind resources from York University Libraries and the Clara Thomas Archives Preservation Fund.
The Golha Programmes
The Golha (Persian: گلها‎,) radio programmes (Flowers of Persian Song and Poetry) comprise 1578 radio programmes consisting of approximately 847 hours of music and poetry broadcast on an Iranian government-owned radio station over a period from 1956 through 1979. These programmes are made up of literary commentary with the declamation of poetry, which is sung with musical accompaniment, interspersed with solo musical pieces. For the 23 years that these programmes were broadcast, all the most eminent literary critics, poetry reciters, singers, composers and musicians in Iran were invited to participate in them. The Golha programs consist of several separate series of programs having slightly different emphasis in content.