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Sheila Thibaudeau Lambrinos Collection
Collection consists of digitized historical publications from the Sheila Thibaudeau Lambrinos Collection of children's textbooks, teachers' manuals, storybooks and novels. Digitized material consists of historical publications that fit the format and physical condition requirements of the Internet Archive, were in the public domain and/or at a low risk of copyright infringement, and had not been digitized by the Internet Archive, Canadiana, Europeana or The Hathi Trust at the time of selection. The Lambrinos Collection, which houses over 650 children’s textbooks, teacher’s manuals and novels (published between 1843 to 1992), is a rich source of insight into a distinctly Canadian, colonial and post-colonial, understanding of the world. Digitized material represents approximately 16% of total collection., Digitization completed through a consortial partnership with OCUL and the Internet Archive. Also available through the Internet Archive at : https://archive.org/search.php?query=creator%3A%22Sheila+Thibaudeau+Lambrinos+Collection+-+York+University%22 .